Power Rangers: Dragonforce is a fan fic series created by Dragonboy546 this follows the daughter of Ranger legends Tommy and Kimberly Oliver, as their Daughter and her four friends are chosen to be the new Power Ranger team to combat the evil King Dragacon and his minions to keep the world safe once again.


With the Armada destroyed and the peace restored alot of people forgot,about the superpowered teens called the Power Rangers. But now they are needed now more then ever when an evil force called Xeal resurfaces, and wanting to rule the world Tommy and his Wife gather her five new friends to become Power Rangers.



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Color Role Actor
Red Ranger Terra Oliver Debby Ryan
Blue Ranger Steven Mason Bobbo Stewart
Yellow Ranger May Smith Gracie Dzienny
Pink Ranger Julia Mitchell Ashley Tisdale
Black Ranger Bryan Mitchell Leo Howard
Silver Ranger Shane Marks Joe Jonas


  • Tommy Oliver-Mentor of the Dragonforce Rangers and the father of Terra Oliver and former MMPR Green & White Rangers, Zeo Ranger V Red, Red Turbo Ranger, and Black Dino Thunder Ranger.
  • Wesley Collins-Current Timeforce Red Ranger and leader of the Silver Guardians and boyfriend of Jennifer "Jen" Scotts.
  • Jennifer (Jen) Scotts-Girlfriend of Wes and designer of the Dragonforce Rangers Morphers.
  • Kimberly Oliver-Mother of Terra Oliver and former MMPR Pink Ranger and Pink Ninja Ranger and Pink Ninja Steel Ranger.
  • Hailey Miller-Friend of the Oliver's n works at the Food center in the Mall.
  • Dragon Charge Rangers
  • Lightspeed Rescue Rangers
  • Team Arrow- A team of heroes from an Alternate Earth from the late 24th century.


  • Queen Miehara-Wife of King Malkor and mother of Vexlis
  • King Dragacon -King of the Xeals, father of Vexlis and husband of Miehara and destroyed by the Super Ice Dragon Megazord Saber.
  • Princess Vexlis
  • General Sludge
  • Jinkers-Former Wizard to Queen Bansheera destroyed when the Veteran Lightspeed Rangers destroyed the Omega Megazord, was later revived by King Malkor.
  • Warriors-foot soldiers
  • Utopia- Terra's rival
  • Colossal Fighter
  • Warriors




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Episode 1: A New Beginning

Episode 2: Laval Dual Slasher attacks

Episode 3: Dragonforce Megazord

Episode 4: Utopia Attacks part 1

Episode 5: Utopia Attacks part 2

Episdoe 7: Gilford's Assault

Episode 8: Blue Ranger Ambushed

Episode 9: Terra's Rival

Episode 10: Rising out of the Ashes

Episode 11:Evil Blue Ranger

Episode 12:Ice Dragon Ranger part 1

Episode 13:Ice Dragon Ranger part 2

Episode 14:Shane's Destiny

Episode 15:Love Spell part one

Episode 16: Love Spell Part Two

Episode 17: Washed Up

Episode 18: Blue Streak

Episode 20: Enter the Nega Dragon Rangers

Episode 21: Megazord Rumble (2)

Episode 22: Extreme Makeover: Ranger Edition

Episode 23: Treasure Island

Episode 24: Camera Shy

Episode 25: Location Confusion

Episode 26: Retro Heads

Episode 27: The Returns of Timeforce Power Rangers! Pt. 1

Episode 28. The Returns of Timeforce Power Rangers! Pt. 2

Episode 29: Shadow Riders Strike

Episode 30: Dragon Warrior attacks

Episode 31: Shinboi assault

Episode 32:

Episode 33:

Episode 34:

Episode 35:

Episode 36:

Episode 39. The Power Stealer

Episode 40. Final Battle

Episode 41. Final Battle