Chaos Ranger

Arcanon (Singe and Doomwings master) is the evil Dino Charge Chaos Ranger and pilot's the Dark Dino Charge Megazord: Tri-Stego Formation, his main goal is to destroy all the Power Rangers from Mighty Morphin to Safari. His Ranger Form is based entirely on his true/monster form, it's colours are black, crimson and light metal grey but is considered a Crimson Ranger Form and his Morpher and Dino Saber are both in the same colours as the Chaos Ranger. His Chaos Dino Com belt buckle works the same as the others but has an entirely different design. He has ten different Dino Chargers including Dark T-Rex, Dark Stego, Dark Trisera, Fear Charger (Dimetrodon), Growth Charger (Sabortooth Tiger), Sleep Charger (Mastadon), Electric Shock Charger (Megaladon), Fossilized Charger (Dilopasaurus), Teleport Charger (Henodus) and the Magnet Charger (Galamimus).

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