Tommy Oliver Sr.


Dino Charge Talon Ranger: Good Version

Tommy Olivier is the second person to become The Talon Ranger after the evil monster Badusa after the Talon Energem was finally purified by Keeper. As the eleventh member of Power Rangers Dino Charge, he commands the Spinozord/ Navy Spino Dinozord, which forms most of the body of The Spino Charge Megazord. He was 36 to 37 years old by the time he joined the Dino Charge Rangers.

At one point in the comics by Boom Studios and even in the Power Rangers Dino Supercharge videogame, Tommy is given the chance to fight Badusa, the original Talon Ranger in both monster and Ranger Form. Defeating his evil counterpart reminded him of when Trent/ The Dino Thunder White Ranger defeated his evil duplicate back in 2004. After that, and like Trent, Tommy was than the only Ranger with his Dino Ranger power's.

Dinozord and MegazordEdit




Spino Charge Megazord

The Spinozord is Tommy's Dinozord from Power Rangers Dino Supercharge with the designated number 00 because the Talon Energem was created before the main 10, it also reminds Tommy a little bit of his Mighty Morphin Dragonzord.

The Spino Charge Megazord is the combined form of Tommy's Spinozord, James' Ankylozord and Prince Phillip's Packyzord, before James passed down his Aqua Ranger power's to Chace's girlfriend Kaylee.



Talon Dino Charger


Talon Cycle


Talon Morpher



In his Dino Buckler/ Belt Buckle, Tommy keeps his Dino Chargers just as the other Dino Charge Rangers do, and allows him to summon the Spinozord, Talon Cycle and unleash a devastating attack.

The Talon Cycle is the Talon Rangers personal Motorcycle and is three times more powerful than the basic Dino Charge Cycles of the other Dino Charge Power Rangers.

The Talon Morpher is actually a darker shade of blue and red when compared to the Dino Charge Silver Ranger's Dino Charge Morpher. Like the other Dino Charge Morphers, it dubbles as both a sidearm/gun and a Morpher.

The Fluterang is the Talon Ranger's primary weapon, it has a flute like sword Mode and a Boomerang Mode.

Others in ArsenalEdit

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Talon Energem

Talon Dino Com

Talon Ranger's Dino Com

The Navy coloured Talon Energem is the source of The Dino Charge Talon Ranger's ranger power's, giving his fiscal immortality, incredible strength and speed and the spirit of the Spinosaurus. This Energem is also the source of the Spinosaurus Dino Chargers power's and that for the Spinozord.

The Talon Ranger's Dino Com actually has a darker shade of blue than what is pictured here, making it almost identical to the Dino Charge Gold Ranger's Dino Com and stores the Talon Ranger's Dino Chargers when not in use.

Notes and TriviaEdit

Tommy Oliver only made one appearance on Dino Supercharge, which was the one hour long special called Saban's Power Rangers Dino Supercharge; Return of The Talon Ranger: The Movie.

Tommy, Kaylee, Prince Philip 3rd and Sir Ivan are nicknamed The Dino Charge Rangers of Zandar, due to their battles all taking place in the Prince's home country and kingdom.

Tommy mentions that he and Katherine are married and have three children by the names of Tom Jr., Tony and Tammy.

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